Guys, Is The Little Blue Pill Failing You?

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Raleigh – Guys, your ability to perform in the bedroom is important to her. She may not say it directly. She may even say ‘it’s okay, we can try again another night.’ But the reality is women take your inability to perform personally.
     This was the case for Mike, from the Raleigh area.  He is a big, muscular man, happily married for 30  plus years. One day he sees his doctor and they discover he has ‘raging high blood pressure.’
     The doctor puts him on high blood pressure medication and almost immediately he begins to experience E.D.  Naturally the Doctor puts him the pills to help his E.D.
The Pills Worked… Sometimes..
     “My doctor put me on the blue pill. It only made my blood pressure go up more. Then I tried the yellow pill and that worked, it just didn’t work when I needed it to work,” recounts Mike.
     “I was really frustrated. I was searching for a better solution. As fate would have it, I kept hearing ads on talk radio, about The Raleigh Clinic For Men.  I was hesitant at first.  Then I made the call. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. But the minute I walked into the facility, the staff made me feel at ease.”
“I’m Not Over Inflating This,
It’s Given My Life Back, It Really Has”
     “Now I have the same results I had when I was 25 but I can go longer. If I were talking to a prospective patient who was hesitant to call, I’d say one thing. Man up and see what they can do for you.”
     At The Raleigh Clinic For Men, we see and hear stories like Mikes daily. It’s why we are so passionate about what we do and the service we provide to men and women in The Carolinas.   
A Holiday Special And A Guarantee
     Put Mikes experience to your test. Come into the office one time, meet with the Doctor, get a test dose and if ‘IT’ doesn’t happen, you owe the Doctor nothing. Plus.. come into the clinic between now and December 24th , 2016 and the cost of the office visit is only $129, that’s a $70 savings for you.
A Warning,
Don’t Wait, You Might Miss Out …
     The last time we ran this special of $129 for the office visit. The phones rang off the hook and we ran out of appointments one week PRIOR to the end of the special.
     The doctor and the medical staff can only treat 16 new patients in one day.  This insures their ability to give YOU the best and personalized medical care. The appointment is about you, it’s not about how many patients the doctor can see.
     After all, this is about your results and your predictable performance.  Mike experienced great results, now it’s your opportunity to fix your ED.  She will thank you. 

Here's exactly what will happen during your visit

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We're ready to prove everything we claim. Come into the office one time. Meet with the doctor and get a test dose. In 12 minutes you will SEE and FEEL the difference. If you don't see results in 12 minutes, you owe us nothing, that's our guarantee to YOU! 

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