19 Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction


For a man to get aroused, a complex process needs to take place. This complex process involves the brain, emotions, nerves, hormones, muscles, blood vessels and nervous system. Erectile dysfunction can result because one or more of these systems are not working properly.

Add in stress, mental health issues and the medications you take and its no wonder over 52% of men experience erectile dysfunction.

There are physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, let’s take a look.

Physical Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

This is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction. The common causes are:

1. Heart Disease. It not only can kill you, but it can erode your ability to perform in the bedroom. Heart disease and the medications you take to slow it down, can have an adverse impact on your erections. The best solution is a healthy lifestyle. It will give you a better chance at a longer life and better sexual performance.

2. High Cholesterol and the medications you take can reduce drive and desire. These medication can reduce your blood flow, which reduces your ability to get and or maintain an erection.

3. High Blood Pressure and it’s medications, have the same impact as other medications. This is a vascular-constrictor, it reduces blood flow around your entire body. And reduced blood flow, in your penis will contribute to erectile dysfunction.

4. Diabetes – A surprising number of diabetes medications will cause erectile dysfunction in 75% or more of the patients. Add on top of it, your diet and you have a one, two punch to erectile dysfunction.

5. Obesity can contribute to erectile dysfunction in a number of ways. One obesity is a sign of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Plus the extra weight can reduce your desire for sex. Lastly, obesity can make sex difficult due to physical size limitations.

6. Clogged Blood Vessels, are another sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. Which contributes to the big three: High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Diabetes.

7. Metabolic Syndrome is condition where the patient has the cluster of conditions. High blood pressure, diabetes and/or high triglycerides. The combination of which can lead to strokes, heart disease and erectile dysfunction.

8. Parkinson’s disease – Like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol medications, the drugs used to keep Parkinson’s disease under control can completely inhibit your system, thus creating erectile dysfunction

9. Multiple sclerosis and the medications you take to control or slow down the disease.

10. Paralysis and injuries to the spinal cord can make sexual stimulation obsolete. This happens by the neurological pathway being blocked, interrupted or broken.

11. Peyronie’s disease – This is more commonly known as a bent penis. Which is caused by scar tissue inside the penis. It can be painful for many men. To see how to correct Peyronie’s Disease watch our video. (Insert link to video)

12. Tobacco use contributes to reduced blood flow. It leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and other long term illness factors which all lead to erectile dysfunction.

13. Alcoholism or excessive use of alcohol reduces blood flow and reduces desire for sex.

14. Drug abuse is much like alcoholism and smoking. First it reduces the blood flow in the body. It can have devastating effects on body tissue and the sensitivity of the body.

15. Sleep Disorders and the medications you take to regulate the disorder have negative effects on blood flow, desire and long term performance in the bedroom.

16. Treatment for prostate cancer. If you’ve had your prostate removed over 70% of men can never can an erection again. Radiation and chemotherapy can turn the prostate into mush, permanently damaging the nerve the triggers and erection.


Psychological Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

1. Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Many times the medications prescribed will complicate the erectile dysfunction.

2. Stress at its highest level releases chemicals in your body that reduces the production of hormones. These hormones are essential to sexual desire and drive. When stressed your body goes into a survival mode, it isn’t even thinking about sex. Your desire goes down and your ability to even get an erection is severely inhibited.

3. Prior non-performance issues as a result of erectile dysfunction. Causes anxiety and stress. Not wanting to leave your partner unsatisfied, you go into shut down mode or non confront mode. Which leads to erectile dysfunction.

The Bottom Line about Ererectile Dysfunction

By understanding the causes of erectile dysfunction, you can talk more intelligently with your provider. The good news is there are many solutions to fixing your erectile dysfunction and it’s more than just the little blue pill.

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