5 Proven Medical Solutions To Fix Your Erectile Dysfunction


Over 52% of men over the age 40 will experience erectile dysfunction. This according to The Massachusetts Male Aging Study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8254833

The numbers get more depressing as men age. In fact, over 70% of the men over the age of 70 will experience erectile dysfunction. The demand for ed treatments that really work is becoming more and more prevalent.

No wonder we see so many Viagra and Cialis commercials no matter what TV channel we watch. Men everywhere are on the search for ed remedies that really work and a cure for erectile dysfunction. What’s even more depressing is the failure rate of the traditional oral medication solutions. Patients can experience a failure rate over 60%.

Impact Of Medications on Erectile Dysfunction

To make matters worse, many of the medications prescribed today can accelerate the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other medications can reduce blood flow. This reduction in blood flow impacts the entire body, including the penis and a mans ability to get an erection.

This leaves men and their partners depressed and frustrated. But don’t worry there are more solutions than the oral medication and you don’t have to give up on sex.

1. Oral Medications – This falls into two categories. Over the counter pills for erectile dysfunction and prescribed medications. The over the counter medications can be found at your local gas station or supplement store. Many reputable medical professionals do not recommend these. You don’t know what is really in the over the counter pills. The second option is the prescribed solutions for erectile dysfunction. The traditional Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. For some men, this will do the trick. Usually, men who have simple medical histories and are just at the beginning stages of E.D. These solutions, while successful for some men, have a 60% plus failure rate. They are usually prescribed as a one size fits all solution.

2. Pumping – The penis pump can work for some men, but for many it can be painful, noisy and unattractive. Once you place your penis inside a pump, you do exactly that. You pump air out of the cylinder and by doing so, draw blood into your penis. The process can be very painful. Once you get the desire firmness, you place a constrictor band around the base of your penis to keep the blood in place and your erection firm. The duration can be an issue along with the pain associated with pumping.

3. Muse – Think of a black powder rifle. Now think of doing that to your penis to get an erection. Most men will say ‘no thanks.’ For this solution, you take a rod with a small amount of medication on the tip of the rod. You then shove this up your penis into your prostate, in turn getting an erection from the medication.

4. Injections – Worse than it sounds. There are widely accepted medications that when mixed together can give you an erection by injecting at the base of the penis. What most men don’t realize is there are no never endings in the base of your penis. The injection hurts less than getting your finger pricked by a needle. Utilizing three medications. One for firmness, one for duration and one for comfort, the patient can experience an erection within 12 minutes without any stimulation. And the erection can be designed to last 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the prescription.

5. Implants – This is the last resort for men who have tried any or all of the above for their erectile dysfunction. Usually men who’ve had their prostate removed will be candidates for this procedure. In the surgery, the urologist will remove the side wall of the penis tissue and in it’s place insert air tubes. Utilizing a pump that is inserted into the testicular area, when intercourse happens, you pump up your penis. Once done, you hit the release value and let the air out.


Erectile Dysfunction – Downsides to Surgery

There are downsides. One the risk of infection can be high. It is surgery. Two, the penis will shrink in size over time. There is no more tissue and the tissue will contract in size over time.

Finally there is the issue of pleasure to the woman. When a penis is erect, there is blood flow inside the penis, which makes it warm. This warmth helps stimulate the female clitoris which helps her reach climax. When a patient has an implant this warmth goes away and the penis can feel cold to the partner, thus reducing their ability to enjoy sex it’s fullest.

Erectile Dysfunction – Medications to avoid

Many over the counter erectile dysfunction solutions found at your local supplement store can have varying results. Many can have disastrous results.

All you have to do is look at the case of Lamar Odom, the former NBA basketball player. Taking over the counter erectile dysfunction medications and combined with other stimulants, led to an almost catastrophic result for him.

The over the counter solutions are not regulated and have more promise than results. They possess more of a placebo effect than an actual medical result.

How To Consistently Perform In The Bedroom even if you have Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition and a medical professional should treat it. Over the counter solutions, mail order ‘Viagra’ and dietary changes will have limited results.

The good news is; we live in a day and age where we have proven medical solutions to fix a man’s erectile dysfunction. While we are living longer we’ll be able to enjoy sex longer and be safe with our long term health.

There are proven, safe, FDA approved medications that have proven results to fixing your Erectile Dysfunction. Consult your doctor or better yet, seek a specialist in men’s sexual health.

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