Do Over The Counter Testosterone Replacement Pills Work?

Turn on the TV during the holidays to watch a football game and you probably saw one of the ads. You know the one. Where they tout testosterone replacement available in a pill form.

Every year at this time, you see these ads pop up. They run for a month and then they are gone.

Why? It’s simple. This is the time of the year when people make the commitment to get back in shape, change their ways and drive for a better physical life.

I think all of the resolutions are great.

But what about the commercials and the claims?

I’m not going to go through each and every company. It’s not possible, productive or fair.

However, I can talk to you about my own experience with my own low testosterone. What has worked for me and what we have seen work for our patients.

Let’s start with where I was in early 2014…

Testosterone Level Of 92

Back in February 2014, I had my testosterone levels checked. Right when we opened our first clinic. Sure it was a stressful time, but when my blood work came back it shocked me and our doctor.

I am a physically active guy. I exercise, hike, backpack, workout 4 days a week. I’m not some sloth lying on the couch eating twinkies. Actually the opposite. (Although an occasional twinkies isn’t a bad thing.)

Prior to having my t levels checked. A friend of mine was starting a company selling testosterone supplements via mail order. He asked me to try the pills. I didn’t notice any big changes. In fact, I had just stopped taking them before my blood test where the levels came back at 92.

I don’t think the pills caused my low t. I think there were other factors involved. (Which I recently posted in an article.)

Overall, the results you will see from over the counter or mail order testosterone supplements are negligible. Once the pills work through your digestive system, very little of the testosterone in the pills will make into your cells.

Any improvement in energy, focus, sex drive seems to be more placebo effect than actual raising of T levels.

Androgel And Other Roll Ons

Personally, I never used Androgel. However, we have a number of patients who come into the clinic with low T after a protocol with Androgel and other roll ons.

Conversely, I personally know men who use it and have had great results.

The biggest issues with Androgel or other roll ons comes down to; Compliance of the prescribed daily use and potential transference to loved ones.

What About Injections

I began weekly injections of testosterone immediately. At first, I thought I was feeling better, but really I just became more moody.

After 3 months of weekly injections, my testosterone level went from 92 to 235. Hardly the results myself or the doctor wanted to see.

Plus, I noticed my energy, mood and ability to recover from workouts cycled. I felt great after the shot, but by day 6 I felt horrible.

This is consistent with studies showing injections can lead to peaks and valley in ones testosterone levels.

The Day My Testosterone Levels Changed For Good

At the clinic I am the test patient. Anything we offer, has been tested on me first.  If it works on me, then we offer it to our patients.

In June of 2014, we started the Wiley protocol. This is a cream based testosterone applied twice daily in varying amounts. Supplemented with DHEA in the morning.

Within four weeks the results were nothing short of miraculous.

My testosterone levels went from 235 to over 900 in just 4 weeks. Plus, my energy levels and memory improved. In August of that year, I embarked on a 10 day high altitude backpacking trip with my son and his Boy Scout troop at Philmont.

Every morning while the other Dads were struggling, I felt great.

But there was a downside with the creams…potential transference on my wife.  Plus the cost of the program is very expensive.

To top it off, many times I forgot to apply the creams for days. This lack of compliance caused another round of peaks and valleys in my testosterone levels.

After 18 months, I made another switch.

Set It And Forget It Testosterone Replacement

In summer of 2016, our doctor decided it was time to try using pellets. Initially I was skeptical. How do you get the dosing right, how do you know the right time to replace, plus other questions. Is this really the best thing for the patient.

True to form, I became the test patient. I cycled off my testosterone cream and my testosterone dropped to 311. (See below.)


My testosterone dropped to 311 within one month. Ouch!

Then we performed the pellet procedure on me in the office. In under 30 minutes the pellets were inserted. No pain, I was back playing golf that afternoon.

In one month, we performed fasting blood work to check my testosterone levels. Here are the results:


Within one month, my levels were up to 852. The best part, I didn’t have to remember to apply the creams. It was truly set it and forget it testosterone replacement therapy.

People Always Ask Me Which One Is Better 

My answer is always the same.

First, BOTH protocols work. Wiley cream or pellets. I have had great results with either plan. Hundreds of other patients have experienced the same kind of results.

Second, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Is cost important to you? If so, the pellets are significantly less expensive, about 60% less than Wiley.
  2. Do you travel? It can be a bit of a headache to remember to bring the testosterone creams and DHEA. Plus with the crazy schedule of life on the road, remembering to do the applications was difficult for me.
  3. Do you have kids, pets and a spouse? Transference of the testosterone to any of these can be a long term health issue. Even if I put on the cream and then my underwear (after it absorbs) the underwear will have contamination. This can be transferred to my wife (or whomever is doing the laundry)
  4. Do you like ‘set it and forget it’ systems? That’s what I love about pellets. Thirty minutes every 4 to 5 months and I’m done.

If you answered YES to two or more of these question, then pellets is probably the right choice for you. Provided you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy.

Want to find out if you are? A simple blood test done in our office is all takes. We’ll have the results within one business day.

If you have made a commitment to get healthier, sleep better, lose the mid afternoon brain fog or just stop being tired. Then call the clinic to get your testosterone tested. (919) 578-8700. Or request an appointment on this page.

I alway like to tell people a simple concept. “Follow the proven path” For 3 years, I”ve been tested and tested to see which protocol is the best for increasing your testosterone safely. Wiley cream or pellets have worked for me, hundreds of our patients and very well may be the perfect solution for you.

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