How North Carolina Men Fix Their Erectile Dysfunction And
Regain Their Performance In The Bedroom


Erectile dysfunction is a fact of life. What is most confusing is the information.

Consider these facts:

  • Between the ages of 40 and 70, there was a doubling in the number of men reporting moderate erectile dysfunction – From 17% of men up to 34%
  • And a tripling in the number of men reporting complete erectile dysfunction. From 5% up to 15%
  • Erectile dysfunction affects 40% of the men age 40
  • 70% of the men age 70 are affected with erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not a question of if, but when. All hope is not lost, there are warning signs and contributing factors to erectile dysfunction.

Warning Signs and Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not something immediate, it is a gradual decline in a man’s ability to get and or maintain an erection. The signs and symptoms are as follows:

Stage One: Loss Of Firmness

Can start as early as the mid 30’s. A man and his partner will notice his erections are not as firm as in the past. A good solid erection is right at 95% firmness. Over time, the firmness can reduce 1-3 % points per year. Leaving a man with a diminished ability to satisfy his partner.

Stage Two: Inability To Maintain

Along with the loss of firmness a man will be able to get erect, but unable to maintain his erection to reach climax for himself or his partner. This is not due to your lack of attraction to the other person. On the contrary, it is the second leading sign of impending chronic erectile dysfunction.

Stage Three: Full Blown Erectile Dysfunction

Can be as drastic as no response to any sexual stimulation or unable to reach higher than a 50% erection. Men who are experiencing this kind of result need more than the little blue pill. They need a medical solution that will open the blood vessels medically to allow blood to flow into the penis.

Changing diet, increasing testosterone levels, use of herbs or over the counter remedies will have little to no positive impact, just more frustration on the part of the man and his partner.

Leading Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction isn’t just cause by age. It is caused more by the medications we take. The top leading causes of E.D. are:

1. Heart Disease – It not only can kill you, but it can erode your ability to perform in the bedroom. Heart disease and the medications you take to slow it down, can have an adverse impact on your erections. The best solution is a healthy lifestyle. It will give you a better chance at a longer life and better sexual performance.
2. High Cholesterol and the medications you take can reduce drive and desire. These medication can reduce your blood flow, which reduces your ability to get and or maintain an erection.
3. High Blood Pressure and it’s medications have the same impact as other medications. This is a vascular-constrictor, it reduces blood flow around your entire body. And reduced blood flow, in your penis will contribute to erectile dysfunction.
4. Diabetes – A surprising number of diabetes medications will cause erectile dysfunction in 75% or more of the patients. Add on top of it, your diet and you have a one, two punch to erectile dysfunction.
5. Prostate Cancer and it’s treatments – If you’ve had your prostate removed over 70% of men can never can an erection again. Radiation and chemotherapy can turn the prostate into mush, permanently damaging the nerve the triggers and erection.

Other Factors Contributing To Your Erectile Dysfunction

The five items are considered the ‘biggies’ when it comes to your erectile dysfunction. However, there are many other factors contributing to a man’s inability to perform in the bedroom. Two or more of any of these factors can create a wicked one-two erectile dysfunction punch to your sex life. The other contributing factors are:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Smoking
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Paralysis
  • Peyronies disease (Bent penis)
  • Sleep disorders
  • Non-performance issues

5 Proven Medical Solutions To Fixing Your Erectile Dysfunction

The key to fixing your erectile dysfunction is education. You need to know what works, what doesn’t and what you should do next. First, let’s examine the medical solutions for fixing your erectile dysfunction.

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What Doesn’t Work

It’s important to understand what to stay away from as much as what really works to fix your erectile dysfunction.

Go online type in erectile dysfunction solutions and you’ll see any number of ‘solutions’. All we can say is ‘buyer beware’.

Your erectile dysfunction is a medical condition and it requires a medical solution by medical professionals.

The over the counter, mail order solutions are not solutions at all.

Many of these mail order solutions have bigger claims than results. They contain their own version of ‘Viagra’. In reality they use herbal solutions which are not proven to consistently solve erectile dysfunction. What’s worse is you don’t know how these pills will interact with your other medications.

When it comes to fixing your E.D. stay away from the following:

  • Over the counter pills. Found online, in gas stations and bathrooms.
  • Herbal solutions. Usually found at your local vitamin store. These are not proven to consistently fix your E.D.
  • Porn. Many men think their E.D. is due to lack of sufficient stimulation. Studies show increased exposure to porn can have long term negative effects to ones ability to perform sexually.
  • Lotions and creams. Are generally better for her, not him. A stimulant for her vaginally, clitoral or on the nipples will help increase her blow flow. However, the lotions for men to apply to their penis can have a negative impact on her. The stimulant for the guy is much like icy hot or ben gay. For the woman it’s like inserting a jalapeno.

Where To Go And Get The Right Solution For You

rcfm-young-doctorYour erectile dysfunction is a medical issue and it requires a medical solution. The solution should be customized for you. That’s why you should consult with a licensed doctor. The doctors to consider are:

  • Family Doctor. It’s where most men start. Usually during the annual physical the conversation will come up regarding sexual performance and health. While a great place to start, for many men, the solutions offered will be the traditional oral medications. These can have a high failure rate of 60%.
  • Urologist. An excellent choice for many men. This is usually done in the context of an appointment regarding prostate cancer, surgery or other urological issues. Urologist will have many more solutions, but it’s rare when a urologist focuses on just erectile dysfunction. Many focus more on surgery.
  • Specialist. In all types of medicine, specialization is critical to get the solution you want. Doctors are now specializing in just men’s sexual health and erectile dysfunction. Because this is what they do all day, everyday, they will be more in tune with the correct solutions for each man.

At The Raleigh Clinic For Men, we specialize in men’s sexual health. If you have not receive the results from other providers, are experiencing performance issues for the first time or just want results, then call our clinic.

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