Now You Can Have A Thicker, Fuller Head Of Hair Without
Painful Surgery Or Expensive Costs

Have you ever wanted just a little bit better head of hair? Maybe you or your loved one have noticed your hair is slowly slipping away. Or maybe, you just want to look a bit younger and more energetic.

You’ve tried gels, sprays and pills. Nothing has worked long term. Maybe you’ve considered hair replacement, but the thought of 8 hours in a chair having a surgeon pluck hair from your back and transplanting into your scalp just isn’t appealing to you.

Introducing The Latest Medical Advance in Safe, Natural Hair Restoration

70% of men count hair loss as an important issue in their lives. Plus 62% of men say losing their hair and hair loss has an impact on self esteem.

The options for men dealing with hair loss have been limited to surgery and sprays. But now, using the new cutting edge medical procedure of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) men are recapturing their fountain of youth, regrowing their own hair without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration –
Now Available Exclusively At The Raleigh Clinic for Men

In early 2015, the Raleigh Clinic for Men started offering PRP for men to help enhance their sexual function and increase their size and girth. The results have been amazing. Our medical team lead the country in these procedures. Doing more than even the creator of the process.

The same process can be used in numerous other treatments to help men recapture some of their lost youthfulness. Hair restoration being one of the big ones.

The process is simple. Using your own blood, the licensed medical staff uses a machine to centrifuge your blood. In under 15 minutes, what is left is a Platelet Rich Plasma, that has amazing growth factors.

No transplants, weaves, or foreign chemicals –
just your own natural hair, regrowing on your head

These growth factors will reactivate your dormant hair follicles. The result is your own hair will regrow and restore itself. No transplants, no weaves, no foreign chemicals, just natural hair, regrowing on your head.

The treatment has been highlighted on Good Morning America, in numerous medical journals and has many different uses.

The best part is the duration. Once the procedures are done (the number and timing determined by the Doctor and customized for you) you will have thicker, fuller and younger looking hair.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures are a revolutionary new medical procedure. What makes these new procedures is the purity of the procedure. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, PRP uses your own blood plasma to create growth of new tissue. The process is simple.

AUTOSPIN-Magellan-PhotoOur medical technicians will draw out 60cc’s of your own blood. This blood is then placed into our state of the art, sterile Magellan machine. Then your blood is spun at a high rate for 15 to 20 minutes, which causes your own Platelet Rich Plasma to separate out from your own blood into a small tube. Yielding 8cc’s of PRP.
The PRP has unique growth factors that stimulate hair growth and new tissue formation. In as little as 6 weeks, your own hair will begin to regrow. No harvesting of your hair, no surgery and no pain.

PRP is used in numerous other procedures; Penile Enhancement, Facial Rejuvenation, ACL and MCL tears, plus many more procedures. The best part? It’s your own blood, your own hair and creates a new you. In the Carolina’s, no other practice does more PRP procedures than The Carolina Men’s Clinic. Making our medical staff, the statewide leaders and you the confidence your PRP will be done right.

Actual Patient Before & After Photos:

You can see the results below and you’ll have to admit they are amazing.

rcfm-hair-restoration-before-after1 rcfm-hair-restoration-before-after2 rcfm-hair-restoration-before-after3 rcfm-hair-restoration-before-after4

FREE, No Risk Hair Restoration Consultation

The process to see if you are a candidate is simple. Just call 919-578-8700 to speak with one of our staff. There is no risk and NO cost. They will set up a confidential, no obligation appointment with one of our medical staff.

You’ll simply come into the clinic one time, meet with the Doctor and medical staff. An exam will be performed and based on those results, you will receive a recommendation of treatment. In as little as 6 weeks, you can have your own hair naturally regrowing.

Take a look at the results on this page and then take us up on your consultation. Hair is important to you, to her and to others. Make yours the best it can be today.

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