Questions To Ask You Doctor About Your Erectile Dysfunction


You don’t have to spend all the much time on TV and you’ll see an ad. You know the one. Either a montage of couples getting ready to … you know. Or women talking to you about why they want you to fix your ED issue.

You might wonder why there are so many ads discussing erectile dysfunction these days. Well the facts are simple.

First, over 52% of men over the age of 40 will experience erectile dysfunction. As we age, that number goes up. Reaching a point where 70% of men over 70 will experience ED.

Second, the prescription business of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra is BIG business. Viagra alone spends 150 million dollars a year to advertise. Cialis spends 210 million. In terms of sales, oral ED medications brought in over 2.2 BILLION dollars in revenues for the drug companies. And that’s a conservative estimate.

When Mr. Happy fails to live up to your (or her) expectations, then it’s time to face the music and consult with a doctor. The question turns to who to see.

What are the best resources to fix your erectile dysfunction?

General Practitioner/Family Doctor: Most men start here. Why? They have a ‘relationship’ with their GP/Family Doctor. They’ve seen him (or her) for physicals, colds, their kids go there, this doctor is part of the family. While this is a great place to start, most doctors in this category will have one solution. To prescribe a pill. The pill has more failures than successes. Up to 60% of men don’t see the results they want from oral medications.

Urologist: Seeing a Urologist seems like the next logical step. However, many Urologists don’t deal with or focus on fixing erectile dysfunction every day.

Many Urologists focus on prostate surgery, prostate cancer, vasectomies and other urological surgeries.

The Urologist will have more knowledge that a General Practitioner, but many will have limited solutions. Oral medications, injection therapy and penile implants are the main solutions provided.

Endocrinologist: They focus more on the hormones in the body. For the majority of men, erectile dysfunction is due to lack of blood flow, not due to a hormonal imbalance.

Specialist: There are specialists in erectile dysfunction? The answer is YES. There are a few doctors that dedicate themselves to helping men fix and overcome their E.D. There is not a specialty designation.


What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor About My Erectile Dysfunction?

You want to come in educated, armed and ready. Patients who take the time to do their homework and research will have much better results.

  • What do you need to do prior to the appointment? Ask the medical staff what if anything you need to do prior to the appointment. If the doctor is going to perform a blood test, should you fast?
  • Write down symptoms… keep a log. The more detail the better. And keep a log of not just your failures, but of your successes as well. What did you eat, drink, medications you took prior, all will help paint a picture for the physician.
  • Write down key personal information. Your doctor will ask you to fill out forms with this information, best to have it handy.
  • Make a list of or Bring ALL medications. Don’t leave anything out. It makes a big difference in the diagnosis and prescription. Even write down the over the counter medications, like Motrin.
  • Are Partners Invited? This appointment impacts your partner, not just you. Include your partner in the process, you might be surprised what a greater connection is created. Transforming into fireworks in the bedroom.
  • What Are Your Questions? Don’t be shy. Doctors hear EVERYTHING . If you hold back information or are embarrassed to ask questions you may not get the positive results in the bedroom you desire.

Remember, erectile dysfunction is a fact of life. Like aging, it will impact us all in some way. The good news is, unlike our ancestors we have proven solutions that work to fix your E.D.

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